LA Galaxy at the Stubhub Center

Dara: This morning in an Uber on our way to a birthday event, I saw that Bastian Schweinsteiger Instagram’d about playing against the LA Galaxy in LA today. So naturally, I immediately went on the LA Galaxy website and bought tickets.

TJ: For those of you not as soccer obsessed as Dara, Basti is a pretty famous German player. He’s played for Bayern, Manchester United, the German National team, and is now spending a season in the US for the Chicago Fire. He is one of the maybe ten soccer players I can name off the top of my head. 

Dara: He’s the only player whose jersey I have at the moment. I gave my other two to my little brother and my Alexis Sanchez/Arsenal jersey has mysteriously disappeared. I swear my brother has that one too. He swears he doesn’t…

But I digress! Relevant context is that I am a huge soccer fan, and Basti is one of my all-time favorite players. So I didn’t hesitate at all for buying tickets a few hours before the game started.

TJ: And not only was Basti there tonight but we also got free t-shirts because it was “Throwback Night” featuring one of the Galaxy’s old jersey designs. And free “76” stress balls from the gas company? 


Also it was BEAUTIFUL out. The lighting was stunning.




I took like two dozen versions of the same picture I could not get over it.


The Stubhub Center was pretty nice too. The stands were pretty full crowd but there’s so much space in the ring around the seats that there wasn’t crowding at all and you could just casually walk around watching the game on screens, in various spaces.

Pretty good food too! They had a good barbecue, some food trucks, lots of choices. Oh and the coffee stand even sold bulletproof coffee – a weird health nut fad thing with ghee (clarified butter) and brain vitamins in coffee. I decided to get it cause Shailene Woodley drinks it every day. Not sure I was convinced but I was very concentrated the rest of the game. 


When we were in our seats though, it was really fun. We sat behind a bunch of 10-14 year old girls who were SO into the game and had me reminiscing about the beginning of my soccer obsession.


For the record, the game ended in a tie, which was pretty anti-climactic but there were a lot of good moments, and watching the Galaxy come back from being down 0-2 at the half was exhilarating.

For an added bonus, it started raining off and on in the last 15 minutes of the game which led to lots of fun watch Southern Californians scream and run for cover.

We luckily were seated a bit under the edge of cover though so we got to just chill where we were and watch the rest of the game relatively dry 🙂


Cost report: $$

Tickets: $44/each
Parking: $10
Food: $20/each

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