14th Factory

Dara: For weeks I’ve been seeing Instagram posts from friends posing in front of cool and random modern art installations and inside a re-creation of the final room from 2001: A Space Odyssey, all location tagged to this place called the 14th Factory. I had never heard about it pre-launch but it quickly caught fire among all the young Los Angelenos I know, so to conquer any potential FOMO before it could even start, I convinced TJ that we had to go and see what all the buzz was about. 

TJ: I, on the other hand, had never heard of this place even once before Dara brought up. I spend way less time on Instagram and Facebook than her so I’m not really clued into whatever’s happening in the zeitgeist. I was even more skeptical about this place when I drove over and saw that it was located in basically the middle of nowhere (in a desolate area, literally across the street from an empty jail) – but I’m always down for something weird and fun! 

Dara: Yea, first piece of advice about heading to the 14th Factory – parking is AWFUL. There’s a valet lot for $15, but it’s cash only and more importantly I refuse to pay $15 for valet parking that still requires me to walk half a block. So we ended up parking on the street about a 5 minute walk away since it was a busy day for them and all closer parking was taken.

TJ: But despite the location and parking, I will say that if you have any interest in creative modern art installations, the 14th Factory really is a fun trip. Dara and I went as a mini-double date with her friend Alli and went through the 14 rooms in about 2 hours.


We actually only went through 13 rooms because the line for the rake room was insane! None of us were too too obsessed with posing for the Insta photo that literally everyone else has taken so I just peeked my head in a took a quick shot before moving on.


We did, however, wait in line for about 20 minutes to go into the 2001: A Space Odyssey room. Below is a screenshot from the movie, and right below it is a picture Dara took in the room. They’re exactly the same. So as a film nerd who loves that movie, and just saw it again recently at the Hollywood Bowl, I was so excited to walk around in there. 

bowman mid room.jpg


We won’t go into too much detail about all of the other rooms because a lot of the fun is going there and seeing it for yourself, but I will recommend that everyone not rush through the museum and spend at least like 5 minutes just chilling on the indoor lawn. They don’t let you go on the swings anymore (not sure why they thought it’d be a good idea to let people on there in the first place!) but it’s just a nice bright and airy space to chill in.


My favorite room was probably the one that you can see Dara in below, but I won’t tell you why! Just note that if you get motion sick, it probably won’t be a good place for you to spend more than a few seconds in… And while I’m at it, if you’re afraid of the dark you should probably bring a friend with you to make it through the first two rooms since walking through them is unavoidable. But don’t be deterred, the dark rooms had some of the best experiences in them – mostly mind-bending, thought-provoking video installations. 


But on a more fun note, here’s a picture one of the most “LA” things I’ve ever seen… a purse-sized dog in an ‘I ❤ LA’ t-shirt modeling on command for its owner at a hip warehouse art space.

Yes. You heard me right.

A purse-sized dog in an ‘I ❤ LA’ t-shirt modeling on command for its owner at a hip warehouse art space.


I would be very surprised if this dog doesn’t have his own Instagram based on how readily he replied to commands on how to pose and “I got the shot”.

It was truly wild. LA man… never gets old…

Oh, and speaking of getting old, the 14th Factory will only be up for as long as they can afford the space so you should go sooner rather than later because it’ll only be there for as long as ticket sales are up!

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