LA Dodgers Home Game

Dara: Guys, I really wanted to give the LA Metro a chance. Everyone hates on it all the time but I truly refused to believe it could be that bad. When we took it for the Women’s March it was a fun/awful experience but considering that literally hundreds of thousands of people took it that day, I was quick to forgive.

TJ: So then this weekend we decided it’d be fun to take the Metro and Dodger Stadium Express bus to the game because it seemed like a convenient way to avoid traffic and not have to pay for parking (We parked at Dara’s work then walked to the H’wood/Vine station).


Dara: Well boy were we wrong… It took us over an hour to get from the Hollywood/Vine Station to Dodger Stadium – which, for reference, are less than 6 miles apart. We left a little after the game started and arrived at the top of the 6th… and only saved a total of $3.


TJ: Which we didn’t actually save because we were too fed up to take public transportation back to our car. So we uber’d back for about $17. On top of the $3.50 we spent getting there. 

And if we’re being technical, the $8.32 worth of game we wouldn’t have missed if we had just driven. If we had decided to drive, parking would have only cost $10…

But anyway, if any of you for some reason do want to take public transpo to a Dodger’s Game in the future, this is the advice I have:

  1. Don’t. Seriously. Unless it’s the world series and traffic is going to be truly, truly insane it’s not worth it.
  2. But if you must… check for train delays before you leave – the LA metro has been recently having some kind of issue which was causing all trains to share one track coming in and out of Hollywood/Vine
  3. Leave even earlier than you think you need to leave – just trust me.
  4. When you get to the Union Station follow the signs below. They are crucially missing some in their main foyer. Just make a left and eventually you’ll find the ones that are on the ground.
  5. Make sure you get off at the correct bus stop! If your seats are at the Top Deck, don’t get off at the front of the stadium.

IMG_4290.JPG  IMG_0107.JPG


If there’s any silver lining to this, it’s that we don’t really like baseball so we weren’t there long enough to get bored. It also helps that we went with an awesome group of friends whose varying knowledge of baseball was quite entertaining.


As for food, TJ had their signature Dodger dog which I recall being exactly the quality you’d expect from a baseball stadium.

It was really good! 

And I had the garlic fries which were less good. (They had run out of regular fries, apparently.)

But overall, the game was fun. The Dodgers won. And after the game, we got to see the most LA thing ever. It was “Yoga Day” at the stadium, so once the player’s were off, dozens of Los Angelenos came out and did yoga on centerfield. 


Honestly, that was one of the least surprising themes in the Dodgers line-up, which I was so amused by I had to take a picture of it.


Anyway, I definitely recommend going to a Dodgers game but I can’t state enough that if you can drive, you definitely should.




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