LA’s Center Theatre Group

Dara: Now that we’re about to enter that wonderful part of the year where temperatures can get to triple digits, this week’s posts are gonna focus on some of our favorite indoor activities in LA.

TJ: First up… theatre! Dara and I were both in musicals in middle and high school so it’s definitely something we both enjoy. One of the random things we have in common is liking the show 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Dara: It’s not a show that most people know but TJ was one of the leads in his high school’s production junior year and I helped assistant produce it at my school my senior year. I even got asked to prom by one of my best friends in the middle of the show! It has an interactive guest speller element and instead of spelling his word, he spelled D-a-r-a-“space”-w-i-l-l-“space”-y-o-u-“space”-g-o-“space”-t-o-“space”-p-r-o-m-“space”-w-i-t-h-“space”-m-e-“question mark”. I may have swooned in the back of the auditorium…


TJ as William Barfée in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

TJ: Fun fact: Little TJ’s first role was a statue in The Music Man in 4th grade because my elementary school couldn’t find a good prop. I was painted entirely gold and got pretty good at holding my arm up. My lack of movement must have been quite impressive through because the next year I got cast as Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady.

Also Dara is very lucky I could not track down any pictures of her as a Who from Suessical or Lost Boy from Peter Pan because we would definitely be sharing those too. They are apparently somewhere in New Jersey – I’ll update this post when I get ahold of them! 

I honestly wish I could forget the words to “Here on Who” but no that song randomly gets stuck in my head all of the time and it’s madness.



But anyway! Enough amateur stuff, what we’re actually here to do is get you guys to see some awesome shows at the Center Theatre Group‘s (CTG) theaters. CTG is a community non-profit that puts on everything from National tours to local productions in its theaters.

We saw the national tour of Fun Home at the Ahmanson courtesy of TJ’s friend Jakob who played guitar in the pit. The venue’s great, and the musical was even greater. Jakob took us on stage and back stage and even under the stage where the drummer plays (on an actual Ring of Keys for the song!)


Then at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City we saw Dry Land as a part of their first annual Block Party collaboration with three local theatre companies. We chose this show because the writer, Ruby, graduated with Dara from Yale, and we’ve heard great things. It was a really good show, and they had a Q&A afterwards with some of the creative team.


We’re next excited to go back to the Ahmanson to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time this August. The show is based on the book of the same name about a boy on the autism spectrum investigating the death of a neighbor’s dog. It won seven Olivier Awards and five Tonys, including Best Play for both. We haven’t bought our tickets yet though so if you wanna go, let us know and we’ll make a big trip of it!




Tickets starts at $25 depending on the show!

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