The Fonda Theatre

Dara: This Wednesday night, we had the pleasure to returning to one of our favorite concert venues in LA: The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. 

TJ: This was our second time there and even more special than the first time because we were there to see our friends play on the big stage!


Dara: Yea, I went to school with DJ & Cole – the two awesome dudes collectively known as Opia. Last year, Cole started Opia with our friend Jacob and they broke out with their epic single Falling. It’s likely you’ve heard the original or the remix on the radio or at a club and didn’t even know it was them! Since Falling, they’ve put out a bunch of new singles and have done shows here and there. This was their first national tour though, opening for Marian Hill.

TJ: It was incredibly exciting, not just because we got to see them perform again, but also because the Fonda is up there as one of the best concert venues in LA. We saw Betty Who – 

one of my absolutely favorite artists!!!

– there a while ago, and we fell in love with the place right away. When you enter there’s a great retro, rugged Hollywood Blvd vibe. The walls in the hallway are covered in a bunch of old school light fixtures, like a hipster home depot lighting aisle, with a bar right there when you get in. It’s divided into general admission on the floor, and seats up top in the balcony. 

The space in the auditorium itself is huge, but at the same time, comfortable. The area around the stage is incredibly wide, and the floor is slightly sloped, which means that no one in general admission is ever cramped and there’s no need to fight to get to the front to be able to see. You can see the stage from anywhere and there’s enough to room to have fun and dance, which lets everyone just focuses on the music. 

The place really is all about the music – some lights, some smoke, but mostly just great performances that you can relax and enjoy.

It was great being able to get there just barely on time for each show and not having to worry about getting there early to fight for the front.


I gotta say, I was skeptical about Betty Who, I had never seen her, but she was great live. Really a fantastic singer and performer. Most of the show was her singing, with two backup dancers busting moves with her, and the show was so reminiscent of The Abbey before straight-people invaded that Betty Who even joked that her concert is almost always the best gay bar in town.

She was definitely correct. We were there with another straight couple, and we definitely were the minorities there. It was incredibly fun though! She’s one of my favorite artists to see in person.

Opia definitely got up there last night though. Their set was fantastic, and it was so awesome seeing a bunch of strangers dancing and singing along with the music.

Seriously, we had at least 5 groups of people in the crowd ask us what the name of the band was once they heard us shouting Cole and DJ’s names. Opia definitely gained a bunch of new listeners after that concert. Their set was fire.

Agreed. Go everyone go check out Opia and Betty Who on iTunes or Spotify or wherever you get your music. 

And also make sure to check out the upcoming line-up at the Fonda, they’ve got some great shows coming up.

Pro Tip: buy your tickets in-person at Ameoba Music for a discount!







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