Game Night

Dara: I know what you may be thinking… “Game Night? WTF that’s so boring” …but if you’re thinking that, you are so wrong on so many levels. In fact, this has been my favorite post to write thus far because there are so many different, fun games you can play and so many friends you can have involved at once, that it’s one of my favorite ways to get a group of people together.

TJ: I can’t even count the number of game nights we’ve hosted or attended. And to give you a sense of how much Dara loves board games, the first thing she spent her last raise on was about $200 worth of games.

Dara: Yes, I did! But it doesn’t have to be that expensive! My favorite thing about game nights is that it’s one of the cheapest ways to have fun on a Friday night. In fact, one of our favorite games to play just calls for some pieces of paper, a pen to write with, and a hat/bowl for people to draw from. It’s called Fishbowl and the gameplay is SUPER simple.


TJ: You have each person playing write a word or phrase (literally anything) on three pieces of paper, put those all in a bowl, and then split up into two teams. Then the game itself is basically just a round of taboo, followed by a round of charades, and then a final round where the clue giver can only say one word for their team to guess off of.

Like all of the above-mentioned games, you just pass the bowl in a circle, and each person has 60 seconds to pull phrases and give clues to have their team guess. The round ends when you run out of pieces of paper in the bowl. Then you just put them all back in again and use the same phrases for the next round.


It’s an incredibly simple game that has sparked some amazing inside jokes in our friend groups. One of my favorites is when our friend Christian tried to get us to guess “Nantucket Reds” by saying “the person who watches your children plus the last name of the black guy from the Jackie Chan movies plus the color of your blood” (Nanny + Tucker + Red?). It was hilarious, since none of us knew what he was talking about. And he had no idea what “Nantucket Reds” even were to be able to give us proper clues. 


We’ve also hosted some really fun couples game nights. For some reason we’ve gravitated towards playing Taboo at those and I have no idea why, but it’s always so fun!


It’s also hilarious watching couples buzz each other over using taboo words or get frustrated when the other can’t figure out the best way to say the words.


We also do a lot of nerdy Catan nights and big group Scattergories, Bananagrams and Phase 10 nights. We haven’t done a poker night in a really long time but those are fun too.

And whenever we’re feel like having a more lowkey night just the two of us, we love to play drunk Mario Kart or Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Games on the Wii or just go super old school and work on one of the many puzzles just lying around our house.


There are so many options for game nights that you literally cannot go wrong. Invite some friends over, have them bring some wine or beer, and just have fun! Not to mention that all these games are mobile so you can play them at home, in the park, on a mountain or wherever!


Games can cost literally $0, but I’d say the average price of a board game is around $15


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