Trivia Night

Dara: Out of all the things I consistently do week after week in Los Angeles, trivia nights are by far the most fun. Ever since we moved here (almost two years ago!), our friend group has been going to trivia once a week. It’s been super fun becoming regulars at a couple different bars that way. I feel like I’m in Cheers or Friends or How I Met your Mother.

TJ: It’s such a great way to guarantee that you’ll see your friends every week, since we have such busy and different weekend schedules. It’s also just a fun post-work activity to just go drinking with friends, learning super random fun facts, and sometimes (most of the time for us!) winning free drinks!

Dara: There are plenty of bars all over LA that have trivia nights. Back when TJ and friends lived farther East, we’d go to Bigfoot Lodge, a national park themed bar in Atwater Village. It was really fun, really hard trivia and you could bring your own food in so we’d always buy pizza and stuff and bring it to trivia.

TJ: Now that we live more Mid-Wilshire/La Brea area, we are completely dedicated to Wednesday nights at Wirtshaus, which holds King Trivia. It’s a great combination of authentic German Bier on tap, German Essen (pretzels, schnitzel, more) and trivia. Sometimes on days when it’s been stressful at work, or we just wanna have fun, we’ll each get a Maß (1 Liter of Beer). I’d recommend going to Wirtshaus on any night, and even for their German brunch on weekends. It’s awesome.

As for trivia there, we reserve a table ahead of time under our friend Petey’s name, (which they always spell wrong, as evidenced in the side picture). We like to think of Petey as our trivia MVP since he’s the one that started the whole thing, and he also knows the most random knowledge of all of us. 

IMG_0243 copy.jpg

Our team does have really good breadth though. You never know what’s gonna be thrown your way, so you need lots of different people with different expertise. On our team, Dara, Taryn, and Lianna know movies, music, and pop culture. I cover geography, history, & dinosaurs, Brian know sports, and then Petey knows an impressive cross-section of pretty much everything.

King Trivia goes through seven rounds, each with different focuses. The most basic ones are general knowledge, a picture handout, a matching round, and a “1 question, 10 answers round” whose answers are usually lists of movies, sports teams, or countries.


IMG_0240 copy.jpg

IMG_0251 copy.jpg

The hardest round is usually the Guess the Person round. Starting at a 10 point clue, you’re given a set of facts about a famous person, and you have one guess to figure out who they are. The facts given get easier as the round goes on, but you also earn less points the longer you wait to turn it in. And if you guess incorrectly at any point, you lose one point off your score.

I absolutely suck at that round because I have no idea which real or fictional people were born where or when or what their parent’s occupations are. This week’s answer was Truman Capote, and I legitimately could not tell you a single fact about him. I couldn’t even remember that he was a novelist.

Our favorite round though is the Find the Connection round, in which the final answer is something all the previous answers have in common. Sometimes it’s incredibly hard like “things that have to do with Game of Thrones” but sometimes it’s easy like “alliteration”.

There’s also always a randomly-themed round. This week’s was “I got royalty, got loyalty, inside my DNA” and it was a DNA-themed round. We thought we knew all the answers so we “double-downed” (i.e. made a double or nothing bet) but we got it wrong! 


For the record, the Nobel Prize that Watson & Crick got was not in Chemistry! It was in Medicine (or Physiology). We didn’t know Physiology was under the Medicine Prize. But otherwise, we did really well and got second place after Petey lost the tie-breaker question (“How wide is Pluto?”).

2nd place is probably our average at Wirtshaus. There’s one other great team that’s always there, and usually it’s us versus them for 1st place.

At Wirtshaus, 1st place gets $30 of credit towards the bar, 2nd place gets $20, and 3rd gets $10. Since we usually always place, we bring our certificate from the last week every Wednesday, which helps offset the cost of drinks.

But at the end of the day, we really just enjoy drinking with all our friends and playing a fun game. (Even though I do really, really like winning)


If you’re reading this and also in LA, we highly recommend you join us at Wirtshaus! This was Petey’s last trivia night with us ever before he goes to law school (sad!) so our team is definitely in need of some new members!

But if you’re not in LA, that’s okay! King Trivia has bars all over California and in some other states too. And if you’re not in a King Trivia zone, there are a bunch of other trivia organizations across the country and world so get your friends, make a team and get out there! 


Average price of German Beer from Tap: $8

Average winnings: $20 for the group




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