Dara: After a very rare weeklong vacation and hiatus we’re back! 

TJ: Seriously, having 7 days in a row off usually only happens around Christmas so this was an amazing break.

Dara: And seeing Hamilton was basically like a Christmas gift, so this was overall very Christmas in July.

TJ: But to the point, I’m sure you all know what Hamilton is. It’s the biggest musical in over a decade by far. I don’t even pay attention to theatre and I feel like I’d still know the show even if Dara wasn’t singing it 24/7. Their grammy performance last year was incredible.

I have been obsessed with this musical ever since it opened, and I’ve been waiting for years to get the chance to see it. So, as you can imagine, I almost cried when TJ’s mom texted us saying she bought tickets for the San Francisco run.

She had clicked to purchase the tickets the second they opened, and because everyone else in the universe was too, she ended up like 5,000th in line in less than a second. But she still waited for hours to get the tickets and we could not be more thankful.

So yes, the show was last Wednesday so we took off that Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, which turned into an entire week of vacation since we had Monday and Tuesday off for fourth of July too!

We spent our 6 days post-Hamilton up at the Lake and had an amazing time with a bunch of friends and family.

But back to Hamilton!!!! The show was just as amazing as we expected it to be. As someone who already knew all the words to every song, it was amazing watching it come to life onstage. The acting and orchestration and choreography and lighting and just EVERYTHING was amazing.

The Orpheum is also just an incredibly beautiful theater. It’s about 90 years old and decorated regally. It really fit in with the design of the show.


IMG_0291.JPGThe only weird thing about our show that made it less than perfect was the fact that they switched Hamilton actors at intermission! The first act we had a black Hamilton and we have no idea what happened to him but at the start of act two they announced another Hamilton actor who was basically a Lin Manual Look-a-like.

It took a while to get used to the switch and you could also tell that Hamilton #2 was coming in a little cold. Took him a bit to warm up to the role.

Otherwise it was great though, and I just hope Hamilton #1 is okay!

UPDATE: I got a tweet back, and confirmed that he hurt is back but is okay!

So yea, Hamilton does in fact live up to the hype. I’d definitely recommend listening to the soundtrack at least once before you go just in case your brain can’t process the raps fast enough when seeing it for the first time, but either way I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


You can currently see the show in NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco, but LA friends you’re up next! The show’s opening at the Pantages on August 11th and it’ll be on through December. And if we have anyone reading from London, Hamilton’s headed your way in November!

And one last P.S. if you’re seeing it in SF, try August1Five for dinner – great Indian food and amazing cocktails.

COST REPORT: $-$$$ depending on how lucky you are with tickets



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