House Warming & House Parties

Dara: It’s now been one year since TJ and I moved into our mid-Wilshire apartment, which is something we decided to celebrate yearly with a Jurassic Park-themed party. For the second year in a row, our house was full of dinosaur outfits, temporary dino tattoos, a giant inflatable dinosaur, dinosaur action figures, dino balloons, and more.


TJ: Last year, we wanted to throw a housewarming that felt totally in contrast to the fact that us moving in together and signing a lease and stuff was very adult. So we picked a dinosaur party because I was obsessed with dinosaurs as a 4 year old (still am) and Jurassic Park was my favorite movie and book and a story that led to me wanting to be a director.

Dara: Last year was a blast (and an absolute mess) – very stereotypical house party with too much drinking and loud music and practically passing out at the end of it. The next morning our floor was sticky with beer and the remains of dinosaur tattoos and all the polaroids we took.


TJ: This year was a lot more chill. Like, we happened to put on Jurassic Park and then the Land Before Time on in the background and once it got past midnight a bunch of people just drank and watched the screen mesmerized haha


I felt like the party evolved in the same way I have in the past year. For me going out on a Saturday night past midnight is a huge deal of effort so I was glad to get to just have a bunch of random friend groups mingle and meet each other over a few drinks.


Exactly! What I love about hosting parties is that it’s one of the only ways we can bring together all of our different friend groups at once. Most weekends we have to pick and choose which groups we hang out with or we just hangout with them back-to-back (which is exhausting!) so this is a great way to see everyone at once.

Plus, unless your friends are super rowdy, they’re pretty easy to throw! Send out an invite, buy some alcohol (/tell people to BYOB), clean up, pick a playlist, and you’re set! Dinosaur-themed items optional!

Save the date.jpg





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