Escape Room LA

Dara: This post isn’t going to be too long or have many pictures for obvious reasons – if we spoil the escape room for you, there won’t be any reason for you to go!

TJ: But you definitely should go – “The Theater” room at Escape Room LA is one of the most fun and intricate escape rooms I’ve ever done. There are multiple rooms, really varying creative clues and tasks, and it’s just hard enough that we barely escaped (with about 3 minutes left).

Dara: It was also very well-decorated to the theme. It was Shakespeare themed (though no knowledge of Shakespeare was required to solve the clues), and the level of technical manipulation that was used in the room was incredible. I honestly wasn’t expecting some of the effects – the one I found the most amazing made me literally scream!

TJ: Yea it wasn’t a horror/scary escape room but the premise was that the theatre was being haunted by a ghost that you needed to help let out so whenever the ghost decided to chime in over the intercom, a few people in the room jumped.

What also made the escape room fun (and definitely always makes or breaks the experience) are the people we went with. This experience was part of our friend Courtney’s birthday after a bunch of us went out for some super delicious Umami Burger really close by downtown.

Birthday girl.jpg

I highly recommend going with a large group because it’s just more fun that way.  I can’t imagine doing it with just 2-3 people. I think Dara would kill me if just the two of us were trapped in a room with only a bunch of random puzzles to get us out.

Honestly, there’s probably a lot of people I’d kill in an escape room. You really need to have a group of people who have very different skill sets and varying stress level. The high energy people are great for rallying the team and encouraging everyone to solve their tasks as quickly as possible.

But you also need the low-energy people who will communicate slowly and clearly and just calm everyone down when it inevitably gets stressful. A room full of type-A leaders will never make it no matter how smart they are… which maybe plays into why we lost our last escape room experience at the Basement LA

I mean the other half of why we lost The Basement room is because I was literally terrified for my life the entire time I was in there. But that’s for another post..

True! For now we just highly recommend that you all grab a few friends and check out Escape Room LA! To get in the mood, we put the waiting room warm-up puzzles below. If you get them right when you’re there, they open a locked jar of candy that you can munch on while you wait for your room.



TICKET PER PERSON: $32 Tues – Thurs / $35 Fri – Sun

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