Outside Lands

Dara: This upcoming Friday Outside Lands 2017 starts up in Golden Gate Park in San Fransisco. We won’t be going this year due to some conflicting events (and honestly a pretty lame lineup), but we went last year and it was my favorite music festival experience thus far so we wanted to reminisce and also give you guys the heads-up for next year.

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TJ: It’s honestly surprising that Outside Lands’ 10th Anniversary line-up is so meh. Last year’s lineup was amazing and had something for everyone: from Chance the Rapper and Lana Del Ray to Radiohead and Zedd; not to mention the amazing up and comers like Vulfpeck and Marian Hill. There was always someone playing that we wanted to see. In fact, we could only see half of some artists’ acts because people we wanted to see were playing at the same time.

Outside Lands Lineup 2016.jpg

Outside Lands Lineup 2016

Dara: My favorite act last year was Anderson Paak by far. He’s an amazing performer and an incredible live show. I danced like crazy the entire time.

TJ: My favorite would have to be Chance or Anderson – both were amazing. From the years before, Kendrick, Pheonix and Paul McCartney have been some of the best performances I’ve seen. 

What I love the most about Outside Lands though is the atmosphere. Besides maybe Chance, I didn’t feel crowded the entire time despite the thousands of people that are there. The fields are huge and the sound travels really well in the park. 

Yep, the fact that it’s held in Golden Gate Park contributes so much to the vibe of the festival. There’s so much room to breathe and relax. At other festivals I’ve tended to feel cramped and claustrophobic with how many people are in the cramped space. At Outside Lands, Dara jumped on my shoulders just because she wanted to not because there were any problems seeing the stage. And you’re on the grass and in the trees too – in a very nice park – instead of on a parking lot or a field of dirt, like a lot of other festivals have. 

 2016-08-07 14.28.51.jpg

I also love that it’s sort of an “upscale” and hispter-y festival. Think Coachella before it became a parody of itself.  They serve really good food from local vendors, have a great winery tent, a whole area focused on dessert food trucks, and a bunch of sponsored lounge areas. 

Logistics-wise, cause this is San Francisco, Outside Lands has a very cool wristband pay system. Before the festival starts, you can load up your wristband with money and then pay for everything with a literal flick of the wrist while you’re in the park. There’s also an incredible app with all the information you could ever want.


The one thing Outside Lands (and most festivals tbh) is not best with is parking. You can buy parking (expensive) but we recommend Ubering from a couple blocks away from the park to avoid the crazy uber traffic and surging. Otherwise, Outside Lands gets an A+ in every other area.

Agreed. Pre-sales for next year will go on-sale in a few months and make sure to check out the preliminary line-up when it’s released. Hopefully this year was just a blunder and next year won’t be one to miss.




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