Melrose Trading Post

Dara: This past weekend TJ and I had our first completely unscheduled day in over a month so we spent a couple hours of it at one of our favorite Lazy Sunday destinations – Melrose Trading Post.

TJ: MTP is an outdoor market that takes place at Fairfax High School every Sunday from 9am to 5pm. It’s a great space with a wide array of local vendors, food trucks, and a live music area.




Dara: 2017 marks their 20th year around, and I can definitely see why they’ve lasted so long. Whether or not you plan on buying anything, it’s always really cool to walk around and see what vendors are out and the cool things that are for sale. There’s art, clothing, jewelry, skin products, furniture, and knick-knacks more. You can check out the map of vendors here.




knick knacks.jpg

TJ: We were starving when we went so we immediately went straight to the food section to grab a bite to eat. Dara had a cheese quesadilla from a vendor selling Mexican food, and I had a poke bowl from a food truck. Both were delicious but more importantly – super cheap!



There are a lot of tables around and you can sit or stand at to eat but we were lucky enough to snag one of the two shaded canopy areas, where we chilled and ate and listened to the music that was playing across from us.


After listening to music for a while we just walked around and checked out what else was there! It was a very chill, relaxing time. 

One of our favorite vendors is one selling vintage maps. I’ve always been obsessed with geography since I was a kid and to this day really enjoy roaming around Google Earth. We just got a cheaper world map for our bedroom to mark everywhere we’ve been.


The main reason we didn’t buy any maps this time around was because we had a separate goal in mind: tracking down 2 pairs of sunglasses that we had previously purchased at the Melrose Market but lost. After searching the entire place, we didn’t find the exact same vendor as before, but we found pretty similar (if not exactly the same) glasses.

de glasses.jpg

And now we can both see in the sun again! Overall, the Melrose Trading Post is a fantastic place with fantastic vendors and fantastic, cheap food. 

And if that doesn’t convince you to check it out, there’s a free valet off of Fairfax 😉

If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!


Entry Fee: $3/person

Parking: free but tip the valet!

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